Gadadhar are truly pioneers of the western kirtan movement. By blending the powerful style of Rock n’ Roll with traditional bhakti bhajans, Gadadhar have a mission to Rock for the Lord like never before.

Gadadhar have been a long project in the making, stemming from an inspiration in 2008, the band has finally formed and is eager to make their debut all around the world. Only time stands between the shredding guitar solos and crashing of cymbals as Gadadhar will be one of the most talked about bands at the Just Love Festival and future spiritual festivals to come.

The name ‘Gadadhar’ means ‘associate of the Lord’ and it is through this association with the Divine Names that the band intends to set a new standard for the world of kirtan music. With their first album just recently recorded, Gadadhar have given ‘Divine Intervention’ a new definition, since momentum is picking up quick for this up-and-coming bhajan band.


New festivals 2018 in Springen and Switzerland

Working on our new CD...coming out 2018!