Our newly founded band name is:

-Gadadhar and the Gopis-

The Gopis embody the love and devotion that the shepherd girls in Vrindavan had for Krishna. You don't need much to live this love - just love is enough.

The trained musicians follow the teachings of Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda and see it as their mission to spread the name of the Lord around the world.


The band's first album will be released in December 2021!

29 - June Awakening Love Festival - France

9 - July 2021 Just Love Festival

New music:

New Video of Radhe Shyam

Online Concerts - Waves of Love

we start at 1:55 -  live from "Just Love Festival 2020"

Online Concerts - Waves of Love

at 2:50 -  we start live from "the rehearsel room" very spontaniously :-)